The People

The Visionary

Sameer was recently tagged as one of the top 20 Experientialists by Impact, and is said to have pioneered the thinking behind the term. He began his career in the hospitality sector after having graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management. He then moved to Marketing and Events, where he crystallized his concepts of experientialism drawing from his experiences in hospitality and Events. He sold his 100 Crore Experiential Design firm in 2005 to begin a career in mentoring young entrepreneurs who take his philosophy forward.

Sameer is a Charter member of The Indus Entrepreneur; the prestigious non-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals. He also serves on the MICE advisory board of the Starwood Hotels.

Sameer Joins Scapes as the thinker and philosopher. He ensures the company never strays from its commitment to creating spaces that are truly experiential.

The Financial Wizard

Rahul is a recognized entrepreneur heading companies worth hundreds of crores, but at heart, he's a numbers man. He graduated from the Narsi Monjee Institute with an MBA in '95 and cut his financial teeth working at the HDFC. His entrepreneurial spirit moved him to Kolkata where he set up Petrochemical Distribution. In 2007, Rahul established a steel plant in Durgapur - East India Holdings Pvt Ltd, which today has a capacity of 1.2 lac TPA and a turnover of over a hundred crore. But his heart lay in finance, and has fuelled that passion with a small Equity Brokerage firm in his free time.

Rahul is a member of the All India Management Association, a Paul Harris Fellow and a member of The Indus Entrepreneur; the prestigious non-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals.

Rahul joins Scapes to get back to his first love, ensuring financial stability and transparency.

The Market Guru

Sachin began his career in Sales and Marketing at the Indian Express. In 1995, he Co-Founded Rams Relationships, one of India's premier experiential design organizations. Rams began with pioneering corporate conferences with experience design at its core, and expanded into Events; Reward and Recognition programs in '97. By 2005, Rams Relationships had grown to become one of South Asia's leaders in Events and Conferences. The company is generally held responsible for having changed the industry's outlook towards service delivery and orienting it towards Experientialism, with an enviable client list including Hero Honda, Genpact, General Motors, Diageo, Pernod Ricard, BMW, HP, Tata AIG, Microsoft, Nestle India and Reliance. Rams Relationships merged with the WPP group (A Global Fortune 500 Company) in 2007.

Sachin joins Scapes as the expert on the Market and the company's feet on ground for Sales & Marketing.

The Advisor

Subhash knows how to get things done; serving the Indian Navy for 20 years builds you up to do just that. He took premature retirement at the rank of Commander to join the Goa Shipyard Limited, a Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Defense. A mechanical engineer by training Subhash grew fast within the ranks to becoming the Chief of Operations, involved in the planning, production and commercial aspects of the Shipyard. He moved from the Goa Shipyard to head Business Development for the ABG shipyard and from there to becoming the whole-time Director and CEO of the Western India Shipyard Ltd. for the last six years.

Subhash joins Scapes as the On-Ground Wisdom where he will bring his mechanical and construction expertise to bear. Quality Assurance also falls within his purview, being a qualified Lead Auditor of the ISO 9000 system himself