Siolim: A Village Inked by Nature’s Beauty

Nestled in North Goa within 9 kms from Baga, Siolim is one of the most beautiful villages of this beautiful Indian state. This riverside village is situated around the luxuriant, palm-lined Chopara River.

Late evening in Siolim
Late evening in Siolim

Goa is reputed worldwide in terms of housing, awesome sunbeam-capped scenic beaches; modern villas, resorts and hotels – all that can set your mood joyously.

However, apart from exotic villas in Goa and other recreational amenities, the land majestically houses several beautiful villages known for their time-honored and multi-cultured legacy, and Siolim is one of them.

Siolim is populated with more than 10,000 Siolcar (the dwellers of Siolim). The village is said to be the birthplace of many esteemed Goan personalities in the field of music, priesthood and others.

Oxel, a neighboring village from the North, exotic palm-bedecked village, Assagao from South and the quaint village, Camurlim from the East gives Siolim a geographic expression of beautiful village amidst the picturesque milieu.

In addition, the name, Siolim, was derived from two words – ‘Xinv’ (lion) and ‘Halli’ (place). These words symbolize that the hillocks of Siolim were once replete with countless wildcats (lions) as documented in the book of Fr. M. De Souza.

The famous church, Anthony of Padua is the legacy of beautiful architecture, housing St. Anthony’s statue and two tall towers (steeples) on the frontispiece. The notability of the statue is a snake on leash held by St. Anthony.

The legend had it that the deity miraculously rescued construction workers from a miscreant snake on the site. Next day, the serpent was found tied with a cord held by the statue’s hand, indicating the deity’s mercy for the people.

One can spot the evidence of the miracle rescue in church bell, statues and painting all around the places inside the shrine depicted so as to venerate the deity’s mercy.

Shri Datta Mandir is one of the most revered temples in Siolim. The temple is dedicated to Lord Dattatreya, the embodied form of three lords, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Siolcar believe it to be the meditative place. The pious Kai. Gopinath Dattaram Prabhu had the temple constructed as a tribute to his divine affinity for Lord Dattatreya.

Famous schools including Holy Cross High School, St. Francis Xaviers High School and Shri Vasant Vidyalaya set the educational backdrop for Siolim.

Siolim village is the confluence of art and architectures blended with nature’s innocent beauty. And we chose this beautiful backdrop to be the first destination to play host to the Luxury Destination Villas by Scapes India.

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