Luxury Living: An Experience, A Mindscape

Luxury Living is more often than not equated with how much it costs. Luxury Living spaces are expected to be glitzy to reflect wealth and lifestyle of a certain stature. But then there are luxury living spaces that are really luxurious but in an understated way. There is meticulous attention to detail and understated elegance. The result is harmony and an aesthetic that is a cut above. You can feel it. This is where Luxury Living becomes an experience.

Luxury Living as an experience can present itself in many forms.



Space is a form of luxury. Space is at a premium and only select few can enjoy the luxury of having ample space at their disposal, both within the house and outside. One without the other is meaningless. You could live in a luxury high-rise penthouse with 4 bedrooms but still feel crammed inside because outside you are surrounded with concrete towers. This is not luxury of space. It is the lack of it.

Luxury Living is also about individuality and in being able to project it in your speech, style, tastes, preferences and the interiors of your home. It is a reflection of you. And from yet another perspective, luxury is about privacy. Think of a villa that is part of a community yet secluded enough to give you total privacy; Think of interiors where people live as a family but have ample private space; Think of exteriors full of enchanting nooks and glades where you can commune with nature but without intrusions of a city life.

Having nature come to you is Luxury. People take a break from busy schedules and go off to nature parks and reserves in search of peace of mind and to recharge their souls. Imagine living somewhere, where nature comes to you and not just when you are taking a break from life but as your way of life.

At Scapes India, we translate exactly that definition of Luxury Living in our Villas.

We believe that luxury comes in the thoughtfulness of small details, executed perfectly. For instance, our Villa Property in Siolim, Goa is surrounded by the Marna forest and is just off the Chapora River creek, putting you right where you would want to be: close to nature and yet not too far from all the action of a city should you feel like a night out.

We believe Luxury is the sophistication that whispers. It speaks softly, quietly and is never loud or ostentatious. Luxury doesn’t have a point to prove. It is much more than spending extravagantly. It is a Mindscape. It’s like Champagne. Everyone knows what it is, but it takes a cognoscente to appreciate the real experience of picking and serving a fine glass. Luxury Living is an experience.

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