Experientialism: Living Spaces Beyond Brick & Mortar

Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement and good change, defines excellence not as a goal but as a path to reach perfection in a never-ending quest. It is ingrained in the human soul, perhaps a feature of evolution that has been responsible for the human race to be on a continuous spiral to scale one peak after another.

At Scapes India, we truly believe in the philosophy of a life with a constant upward curve and how it needs to reflect in our daily lives and our living spaces. We live by the motto, even if it is a cliché, that life comes around once and you ought to live it to the fullest. If you can afford the good things in life, then go for the best. After all, beyond a certain stage in life, even the best is only good enough.

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For the royals of yore, luxury was commonplace; but it was decadent luxury that they indulged in as one can see in the opulent palaces they left behind. Ages have passed since but the philosophy of luxury living and perfection endures because they are values one learns and earns and then cherishes. We believe in creating an experience of this philosophy – a concept in the process of being realized. It is our take on what luxury should mean and its experientialism translated in the living spaces that are far removed from the hoi polloi, the proletariat.

We don’t call ourselves real estate developers because we are not. We are experientialists. We think beyond the brick and mortar, beyond square footage and floor area ratios. We think of living spaces as the backdrop to experiences, a stage where the drama of your life will be played out, an abode where you will grow as a family, as friends and as a community.

We think from the perspective of what a living space should feel like; what state-of-mind it should evoke; what luxuries it must provide – and then begin planning a project. It becomes the crux of all our decisions; on what destinations to choose, which locations and what the design of our villas should be.

We believe that the truest experiences are located where the mindscape is in harmony with the landscape. It is this belief that sums us. We do not distinguish between what is indoors and what is outdoors; instead we let one flow into another effortlessly. We are committed to creating living spaces that explore the best natural assets of the destination we build in. We want the view from your window to always be the best view.

We cannot imagine that an experience of a home can hold true without Privacy. With that as a basis, every living space that we envision ensures that you would never be in view to any prying eyes — every development would be enclosed and secure, and that no villa would look into another.

We also believe that complexity is antithetical to experiences. We go the extra mile to ensure everything is as uncomplicated and easy to use as possible. This reflects both in the living spaces we build, and the processes that must be followed to extend a sense of comfort and luxury second to none.

We have envisioned Scapes India to be a stalwart in Luxury Villa Development. We plan to set benchmarks that will redefine luxury living. We want our Villa Properties to be more than just an investment; we have imagined our villas to be positive living spaces that foster a community of like-minded families. You can only live here to know it.

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